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      What started as a simple passion for motorcycles and coffee has now evolved into a brand with 3 distinct business units:

      Cafe Rider Custom Motorcycles

      A 360 degree motorcycle offering: Building, customisation & servicing
      See our "Completed Projects" section under the "Motorcycles" page for a build history; each build is made to client spec.

      Cafe Rider Custom Roastery

      Wholesale & retail coffee roastery - We roast for all home and business coffee requirements (supplying hotels, businesses, cafes, restaurants, etc.).
      See our "Roastery" page for more details and contact information.

      Cafe Rider Custom Lifestyle

      Café (our team of chefs deliver world class meals at world class prices)
      Speciality Coffee Bar
      (a diverse range of some of the best coffee from a variety of regions)
      Retail & Ecommerce
      (A unique blend of clothing & accessories, motorcycle gear and coffee accessories)


      We see the future as a blank canvas of possibility, having often been told that coffee, food, retail and motorcycles was a mix that surely wouldn’t work, we now know not only that it does. We are a brand that constantly pushes and recreates new boundaries and we aim to continue this going forward.

      We are now exploring numerous opportunities across the Middle-East and Africa to grow the brand in a multitude of different ways. Innovation and moving with the times is the lifeblood of any business and we certainly have that coursing through our veins!