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      The road to individuality starts with inspiration. At Cafe Rider Custom Motorcycles your best idea is perhaps one cup of coffee away; when your passion for power and performance goes full throttle, we are by your side to take it to the open road.

      Step into our creative environment and find a space where the free spirit of a true rider can find its full expression. Join our community that shares the respect for the only machine that brings true freedom to the soul, in a unique environment.

      We combine motorbikes, organic coffee and art into one exclusive lifestyle experience. Celebrate a culture of creativity at a Café that values art as much as it values a good, honest ride. So we combine both. We bring you the ultimate canvas to express your individuality, your style, your likes, your idiosyncrasies: your own motorcycle. Meet fellow riders. Share your thoughts. Find your inspiration. Bring your unique flavour to the mix and ride off on a creation of your making.

      We deliver motorcycle art, completely handcrafted and custom-built to specification. Each dreamed up by our customers, born from ideas infused by their DNA, conceived in our studio-showroom-café.

      Take charge and live your lifestyle of freedom.