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      It's a rare occasion when a new brand knows exactly what they are doing! We are no exception.

      Embracing the uncertainty, we did things somewhat against the grain and grew a passion rather than pushing a business agenda. The authentic love for coffee, community & custom motorcycles was the was the starting point which organically grew into the multifaceted brand you see today.  

      Established in Dubai (UAE) in 2013, we ensured we were and still are a relaxed and comfortable environment where friends, family and the community at large could gather, hang out and belong (whether you share our 3 loves or not).

      Initially an obscure yet authentic marriage of lounge & garage which offered an eclectic mix of experiences, sights, sounds, tastes & smells. As we have grown we have still managed to keep this initial drive for community and unique experiences, slowly adding to and enhancing our entire ecosystem.

      Over the years we have grown Cafe Rider into 3 distinctive business brands – Roastery; Lifestyle & Motorcycles.