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      “Creation and Caffeine go hand in hand, and ideas become aspirations when mixed with a dash of coffee”

      At Cafe Rider we want coffee lovers to know that coffee doesn’t have to be just “black” or “with milk”. We are a Speciality Coffee Bar in Dubai, working towards promoting the Cafe Culture in the UAE and the Middle East.

      Our dedicated baristas constantly push themselves to the next level, participate (and win!) in competitions, and even become judges themselves.

      To have more control over the quality of our coffee we decided to build an in-house coffee roastery. It allows us to the freedom to create and experiment with different beans from all over the world.

      In fact we are so pleased with the results that we are now ready to supply our beans to other businesses as well, complimented by consultation and training.

      For further information, please contact our team on info@caferider.com