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      Freedom is one of the fundamental ideals at the heart of Café Rider, and it is reflected across all manifestations of the Café Rider lifestyle. Wear your heart on your sleeve, be true to yourself, but most importantly, be original, be free.

      Our lifestyle collection is catered to anyone who espouses these ideals. Whether you’re a weekend biker, an avid off-road enthusiast or even a diehard coffee connoisseur, our collection will fit you to a tee (pun fully intended.)





      T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, tank tops and scarves, we’ve got them all. We sell helmets and goggles exclusively from our partners at DMD Helmets, while select leather goods are available from Malle London, catering specifically to the urban biker. 

      Last but definitely not least, we’re a café so you’d think we’d have something to carry coffee in, right? To that end, we’ve partnered with MIIR tumblers to bring you branded Camp Cups and Travel Tumblers that will maintain your favorite caffeinated beverage’s temperature for hours.