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      At Café Rider, we firmly believe that a motorcycle is an extension of a rider’s personality. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a minimalist café racer build, or a rookie planning to jump on your very own custom bobber, we can help you realize those dreams.

      Shape, color, aesthetic and mechanicals are all on the table when it comes to putting together a concept for a Café Rider build. Like all good things in life, it usually starts with a good conversation over a cup of coffee.

      To begin, our craftsmen will sit down with you and go over your vision for the ultimate motorcycle. Once they've understood what you’re after, a proposal will be created and fitted to an allotted time frame, based on your budgetary and creative needs.

      A custom motorcycle is a labor of love and we want to ensure that the bond between (wo)man and machine is as strong as can be. A lot of sweat, multiple cups of coffee, and armfuls of elbow grease goes into each Café Rider build, but we want you to love the end result even more than we enjoyed building it for you!

      View our portfolio of past projects here