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      Specialty coffee. Custom motorcycles. Warm vibes. 

      These are the three things you notice the moment you set foot through Cafe Rider's doors. Whether you're working on a last minute work assignment, or catching up with a buddy after ages, it's done best over a cup of good coffee. From a flat white to a V60 Pour Over, our baristas will make it exactly the way you want it. 

      Feeling like a bit of grub? Our on-site kitchen serves up some fantastic meals for a variety of different palates. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, we're sure you'll find something you like from our multicultural menu. While eating, you may notice sparks flying behind a glass partition as Fahim - our chief bike builder - reshapes a motorcycle's frame with an angle grinder. Stick around long enough and you may be there to see it roll out of the workshop once it's been completed. 

      All this, nestled in the heart of industrial Al Quoz. Those vibes we mentioned? They have to be experienced in person. 

      So, when do we see you