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      Curious about what Cafe Rider gets up to? Why not join us at one of our motorbike and coffee events.

      From desert bike rides to our signature Caffeine Cruises and even movie nights, we can't wait to welcome you to the Cafe Rider family. 



      Upcoming Events:

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      Past Events:

      Explore events that Cafe Rider has hosted in the past. Click on each event to discover more about what happened.

      form and function event caffeine cruise jais flat 6s flat white eventBlog posts Caffeine Cruise: Destination Jebel HafeetRide for a Cause EventCaffeine Cruise: Heading to HattaBricks and BrewsTrade Routes EventCafe Rider's Brewers CupCafe Riders Birthday BashA day in the sand eventWide the Mark Movie NightCaffeine Cruise Destination JaisAircooled Assembly EventObsessed with Overland EventCaffeine CruiseCaffeine CruisePop Up Shop