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       Stefanie – GM

      Having spent over a decade in the hospitality industry in London, Stef came to Dubai looking for a change of scenery. A chance encounter with Cafe Rider was all it took for her to come on board and she has since been an instrumental part of keeping the big machine running smoothly. Bit by bit, we’re persuading her to get her motorcycle license so we can see her on a bike soon. Don’t forget to tell her the same when you see her!


      Fav coffee: Can’t start the day without an Aeropress.







      Narciso – Head Chef

      We’re very proud of the fact that all our food is made in house in the Cafe Rider kitchen. None of that would be possible without our head chef Narciso. The man is a true wizard when it comes to food and whips up the most delicious dishes with ease. With a quiet smile and an easy manner, the Cafe Rider team have learnt to never underestimate what’s hidden up our head chef’s sleeves.


      Fav coffee – Americano








      Fahim – Machine Designer and Fabricator

      Having begun in the Cafe Rider workshop as a handy motorcycle mechanic five years ago. Fahim has since graduated to being our chief metal magician and is rarely seen without a welding helmet on his head. From café racers to scramblers, he turns your fantasy bike into reality and is the only person at Cafe Rider who is allowed to have grease under his fingernails. He also lives the lifestyle, regularly commuting on his bratty, patina’d Yamaha café racer.


      Fav coffee - Americano








       Gideon – Head Roaster

      Possessing a natural talent and a highly tuned palate for coffee, it was only a matter of time before Gideon became our head roaster and began running our roastery full time. Few people at the Cafe know coffee better than he does, which makes his advice on the subject invaluable.


      Fav coffee – Espresso/Nicky Special







      Ruthie - Wholesale Coffee Account Manager 

      Starting out in 2012 as a barista for a specialty coffee provider in Oakland, CA, Ruthie has moved quickly up the ranks of the coffee world. From barista training and her own coffee cart, to supply chain experience, green bean analysis and production roasting, she's truly done it all. Moving to Dubai in 2021, she dove headfirst into the local coffee scene, and has since become an invaluable part of the Cafe Rider team. 


      Fav coffee: A different coffee every day - that's the motto. 








      Ligesh – Accounts

      Ligesh - or “Legs” as he is known - is our numbers man. While the rest of the Cafe Rider crew can get carried away with our creative pursuits, Legs keeps us in check, for the most part. At staff parties however, we’re the ones keeping him in check.


      Fav coffee – Americano










      Nicky – Owner

      After a career in sales at Porsche Dubai, Nicky decided to turn her attention to starting the family business and soon after, Cafe Rider was born. Since then, she has been the driving force behind the Cafe and has been instrumental in its success, while also being a full-time mom to three beautiful daughters.


      Fav Coffee – Nicky Special (duh!)







      Murtaza – Owner

      A financier by day, Murtaza is a die-hard biker and coffee enthusiast. He lived the Cafe Rider lifestyle before it existed and has been integral in shaping the look and feel of the Cafe. He’s a modest man, which is why he won’t tell you that a large majority of Cafe Rider’s early imagery consisted of him modelling on our early builds.

      Fav Coffee – Espresso