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      motorbike service dubai


      Got a bike that needs attention, but don’t want a full-blown Café Rider build? Don’t worry. 

      We service motorcycles, from routine oil changes, brake jobs and carb tune-ups to more involved maintenance. With partners like Vance & Hines, Mustang Seat, Performance Machines, Progressive Suspension and Antigravity Batteries, Cafe Rider is well-placed to offer you the loving care your bike deserves. We also order parts and install accessories, so stop by and let Fahim and the crew take care of your beloved machine.

      Finally, we also undertake pre-purchase/post-purchase inspections. If you’re looking at a motorcycle, or have just purchased one, bring it by and allow us to give you an honest assessment of your new acquisition.
      If you're dropping off your bike for service, your coffee and meal is on us!

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      service motorcycle dubai